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Gain the loyalty of your customers and accelerate your growth with insurance offers and simple services that are digitalised, eco-responsible and compliant with regulations.

Your products

Your products

Smartphones (new / used – personal / business)
Telephone plan comparers
Telephone plans / mobile plans

Our guarantees

Fraudulent use, virus attacks
Warranty extension
Home (members of a family)

“Your market is evolving constantly: new uses, new product ranges, new competitors, etc. At SPB, we adjust to all of the challenges facing you so that we can guide you and offer you solutions for all of the cases you encounter with our dedicated and scalable offers.”

Luc Le Moine
General Manager SPB Benelux

Our expertise

Embedded insurance


Innovative technologies


Customer experience


Regulatory compliance


Omnichannel distribution


Why did they choose SPB?

« Nous avions besoin d’être accompagnés pour fidéliser davantage notre clientèle. SPB a su se démarquer par sa vision des nouveaux usages et des nouvelles gammes de produits. Nous pouvons ainsi nous différencier dans un contexte ultra concurrentiel et répondre aux besoins de nos clients grâce à des équipes commerciales à l’affût de la moindre source d’innovation et à un suivi régulier de l’expérience client. »

Testimonial from a telecoms provider