Embedded insurance

Whatever the size of your business and sector, we enable you to incorporate the sale of insurance into your ecosystem and hence round out your offering.

We create and manage embedded insurance programmes for all sectors for the manufacturing and distribution of consumer products.


Create and develop insurance offers

Whatever your sector, our experts create and develop innovative, useful and offers of insurance, assistance or extended warranties embedded in your purchasing processes. Our specialist insurance teams propose tailored insurance solutions for B2B2C and B2B2B. We have a number of leading insurance partners who carry the risk, in particular AIG, Axa, Cardif, Hannover Re and Europ Assistance, with which we design insurance products.


Our embedded insurance solutions enable you to enhance your own insurance offering, gain customer loyalty, generate a strong customer relationship and bring in additional sources of income. This enables you to offer each of your customers personalised insurance that meets their needs, at the right time, to create an enriched customer experience. This makes you stand out from your competitors by having your customers benefit from an extensive range of products.

Enhance your offers and gain the loyalty of your customers


Manage insurance

We identify your requirements and adjust the marketing strategy in line with your distribution requirements. We manage the whole life of policies (joining, deductions, etc.) and claims through our teams of experienced managers and thanks to our innovative data capture solutions, our sophisticated document processing and a wealth of knowledge built up over more than 50 years.


Working with a database that is unique on the market, SPB can price a very extensive range of programmes with great precision. We can go as far as a reverse-pricing approach, based on the purchasing power of your customers and your diversification policy. The programmes are then monitored constantly and accurately by our data specialists (statisticians, actuaries, etc.) and prices are adjusted regularly based on risk development.

Pricing a very wide range of programmes